BARRINGTON: Deep in the heart of Nottingham castle, a sound, strange sound

KING JOHN (SPOKEN): Let us out!

BARRINGTON: Though the guards are asleep, the prisoners keep up the sound, strange sound

KING JOHN (SPOKEN): Come quick!

BARRINGTON: They wake from their beds, shake the sleep from their heads like bats from hell, they run to the cell for the noises they hear, are the voices they fear and they're running and running {C}'cos the laughter is coming from King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham

SHERIFF (SPOKEN): It's not funny ,it's not funny at all

BARRINGTON: Who did this deed? Who could it be? whoever would dare to string up this pair?

KING JOHN (SPOKEN): Let us down you breathless morons

BARRINGTON: Who strung them up? Who left them to rot Like a pair of dead ducks in this horrible spot?

MARIAN (SPOKEN): I think he means me

BARRINGTON: Who could it be?

MARIAN (SPOKEN): Yes, it's definitely me!

BARRINGTON: Who could it be?

MARIAN (SPOKEN): And my Merry Men of course...

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