Template:InfoboxGary is one of King John's faithful, but dimwitted Norman guards and also one of The Sheriff of Nottingham's henchmen. He is often seen taking part in many of his masters' cruel schemes to make the people of Worksop miserable.

His Best friend is Graeme who is the other guard and call themselves "bestest mates".

He was first seen with Graeme helping the Sheriif rob the poor people of Worksop and arrest Barrington and Rabies for breaking the the law and take them to Nottingham Castle to be tortured.

While they were either both at their regular posts or just resting, Maid Marian had broken in with Robin Hood and Little Ron and set them free along with tying King John and the Sheriff to a feather tickling torture machine. After hearing their masters' screams they went to the torture chamber and saw them there. They collapsed in laughter while the King and the Sheriff were shouting at them to get them down.

Despite the fact that he serves two vile masters, he is quite friendly towards the Merry Men, except when he and Graeme are doing what they're paid for. He once even gave Robin his most cherished possession his silver sausagedog Herman along with the various accessories.

He is not very bright and at times like Rabies is an idiot. One such time was when Robin was telling them how he summons his Robber Band, Gary thought he was saying Rubber Bands. He tends to enjoy teasing and upsetting the people of Worksop less than Graeme, even though he often argues with Graeme about whose turn it is to do the executions.